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puce bleu Subcontractors and suppliers that are providing innovative and effective solutions in:



puce rouge research
puce rouge development
puce rouge modeling
puce rouge prototyping for pre-series and small series
puce bleu the equipment necessary for the development and production of prototype machines, tools and software.

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puce bleu Representatives of:
puce rouge production
puce rouge purchasing
puce rouge R&D services
puce rouge product or project managers

... looking for specialists in the various phases of development, prototyping or rapid manufacturing.

puce bleu Companies wishing to acquire equipments (software, machines) dedicated to prototyping.

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puce bleu

rapid prototyping

puce bleu

prototyping equipments

puce bleu

rapid manufacturing

puce bleu developing and manufacturing of rapid tooling and prototype moulds
puce bleu

pilot production and short production series

puce bleu

raw materials

puce bleu

studies & services

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